We believe our clients should expect the highest possible professional standards in the handling of their claims and a response that is both quick and efficient.

Many claims are complex and require careful handling. Our view has always been that it is important to present new circumstances to underwriters with detail and clarity. We achieve this by discussing any new claim with our clients as soon as they arise so that we are able to approach underwriters in a thoroughly professional and knowledgeable manner.

Advice is given, wherever necessary, as to what steps should be taken when a problem develops. When Underwriters appoint either a loss adjuster or legal advisor we maintain close and regular contact with them in order to ensure that the claim is dealt with in the most effective manner and in the best interests of our client.

Contact our claims team:

Øivind Tufta

Claims Manager

Thomas Jacobsen

Claims Manager


Our documentation is checked and processed with a minimum of delay and we enjoy a strong reputation for our accuracy and efficiency.

Our documentation department has been hailed for its accurate, simplified and prompt handling of the documentation process and is carried out by vastly experienced and dedicated staff. This dedication to service ensures our clients a peace of mind and security that we know is much appreciated.